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Ballet is the basis of all dance forms. The benefits of learning ballet include development of good posture and self discipline while learning technique and musicality. The Royal Academy of Dancing (R.A.D) has an international reputation for ballet training and excellence. Nicky is a fully qualified teacher with the R.A.D after passing her Royal Academy of Dancing teaching certificate.

Modern Theatre

Modern Theatre dance is the foundation of Musical Theatre/Pop Style/Contemporary and Street Dance. The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (I.S.T.D) is the world's leading dance examinations board, highly recognised in the best vocational dance schools and within the dance industry. Nicky is a fully qualified teacher of I.S.T.D modern theatre dance having passed her associate, associate diploma and diploma in dance and education(DDE).


Apart from being an essential skill for the professional dancer, tap dance is one of the most enjoyable (and challenging) forms of recreational dance. As well as following the ISTD syllabus, the school introduces the students to free tap work. Nicky is a fully qualified teacher of ISTD tap having passed her associate tap and more recently the diploma in dance and education (DDE).


Jazz classes are split into 3 age groups, JUNIOR JAZZ - school years 4-6, JUNIOR/SENIOR JAZZ - school years 7-8 and SENIOR JAZZ - school years 9 and above. This class is based on the art of Musical Theatre (think West End shows, music/pop videos and street dance). Dances are learnt for the annual summer show held at the Riverhead Theatre for which every student is invited to participate.

Baby Ballet

This class is designed for pre-school boys and girls 2½ years and upwards with the emphasis on lots of fun and laughter. Classes focus on developing gross motor skills/basic ballet/modern(based on RAD/ISTD syllabus making the transition to grade work easier), rhythm and confidence. Classes include singing and story telling whilst learning basic principles and social skills which will serve them well as they approach school age. Children are invited to bring along a favourite teddy and parents, whilst encouraged to wait in our waiting room, are allowed to stay with their child for as long as it takes them to settle. All children receive reward stickers as they leave and are invited to perform in the annual summer show.





Street Dance

A continuously up and coming style, originating – as the name suggests – from "the streets". Hip Hop, Locking, Breaking and Popping are just some of the basic skills learnt if you pursue street dance.
Studio 2000 follows the UDO street dance syllabus which is the only of its kind. Since the introduction of the class two years ago, Street Dance at Studio 2000 has proven extremely popular. Our senior competition team, S2K, achieved 4th place in the 2014 BDO East Anglian street dance championships and inspire our youngest street dancers – who also show huge potential.
tap, modern, jaz and ballet
dance classes in tap, modern, jaz and ballet

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